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Challenging Science Crosswords: Middle Secondary 9211


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Quick Overview

Provide fun ways to teach and reinforce the context of core curriculum

Challenging Science Crosswords provide fun ways to teach and reinforce the context of core curriculum. These crosswords provide an important link between written literacy and science knowledge. The activities can be modified to suit the literacy level of students and the topics are organised into four themes for easy teacher reference:

Earth and space
The living world
The physical world
Skills, careers and concepts

Topics include:

-Earth and space: Dynamic Earth; ancient life and geologic time; ancient reptiles, Australian mega fauna and sites, It's astronomic! plate tectonics, Australian landforms, resources, pollution, our Sun.

-The living world: Agriculture, living things, cells, reproduction, further reproduction, evolution, genetics, coordination, hormones, animal adaptations, Australian ecosystems, human impact, biotechnology.

-The physical world: Machines, forensic science, chemical formulae, chemistry, further chemistry, organic chemistry, bonding and electrons, the periodic table, metals, non-metals, motion, energy, more about energy, colour, electromagnetics, waves and their uses.

-Skills, careers and concepts: Experimental design skills, graphing, more useful skills, careers in science.

Versatile uses
-Supplementary classroom lessons
-Homework activities
-Reinforcement of learning
-Extension work for advanced students
-Preparation for assessment
-Exam revision

Teaching benefits
-Creative teaching ideas
-Developing greater student interest and understanding
-A fresh approach to a topic
-Away to target student weaknesses
-Suitable for individual or group work
-A variety of activities for home study

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