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Write Now! - Grammar, Language and Editing Skills - Book 4 7193


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Studying grammar, punctuation and spelling does not have to be difficult or boring!

Studying grammar, punctuation and spelling does not have to be difficult or boring! The Write Now! series uses fun texts to teach the important elements of grammar, language and punctuation skills.

Topics Include:
Weird World - Nouns: gender, type, number, exclamation, question marks and full stops
Weird Spelling List - Synonyms and antonyms
Bike and Dog Poo - Adjectives: descriptive, cardinal, ordinal, paragraphs
The Splodge - Adjectives: degree, absolute, prefixes and suffixes, quotation marks
Blog Time - Pronouns, informal English, visual writing, slang
Sports Shorts - Verbs, sports verbs, hyphens, writing numbers, bullet points
Secondary School Survival - Adverbs, commas, school words, adverb spelling
TV Time - Subject – verb agreement, comparative adverbs, TV jargon, apostrophes
Amazing Animals - Rewind nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs, animal words
Food Frenzy - Prepositions, prepositional phrases, borrowed words, compound nouns and adjectives
Movie Stuff - Conjunctions, clauses, screen words, alliteration, abbreviations, film blurb edit
Strange Sports Site - Articles, interjections, paragraphs, direct speech, writing numbers, double consonants
Trouble! - Conjunctions, clauses, SBDs, contractions, dashes, synonyms, antonyms
Film Report - Pronouns, bullet points, formal language, screen words, onomatopoeia
Circus Cows - Prepositions, prepositional phrases, 'gh' and 'ph' words, dashes, numbers, colons, similes and metaphors
NQR - Adjectives: numerical, absolute ad techniques, suffixes
Strange Sports Site 2 - Verbs: tense, subject-verb agreement, active verbs, asterisks, [sic]
Web Works - Abbreviations, jargon, net words, informal language
Total Recall Grammar Attack
Super Serious Edit
Mega Spelling Test
Author(s) Andrea Hayes

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