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'Wow! I Can Read' Workbooks


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Wow! I Can Read Workbook: Stage 2
Wow! I can Read Workbook: Stage 1
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Wow! I Can Read Workbook: Stage 3

Quick Overview

Putting the fun in to learning how to read!

Stage 1: Foundation handwriting- single sounds. Ages 4-6. 48 pages with carefully selected activities to help children revise and consolidate their knowledge of letters and sounds of the alphabet, while developing their handwriting skills. Designed with fun graphics and uncluttered pages to take the beginner reader from recognition of the single sounds - to the decoding of 3 or 4 letter phonetic words - to the successful reading of simple sentences. Includes exercises for: -Rhyming words -Matching sounds / words to pictures -Increasing comprehension and vocabulary -Identifying the shapes and patterns made by different letters and words -Beginning, medial and final sounds -Adding letters to form or change words. Stage 2: Foundation handwriting- blends and ends. Ages 6-7 48 pages with a wide variety of interesting activities that make it fun for children to practice their recognition and writing of the following 27 sounds; br, cr, dr, fr, gr, pr, tr, bl, cl, fl, gl, pl, sl, sc, sk, sn, sp, st, sw, kn, tw, and ck, le, ll, mp, ing. Exercises introduce each sound in a simple, systematic order including: -Word attack and decoding -Rhyming words and word families -Matching words / sounds to pictures -Finding little words in bigger words -Comprehension - following direction and classifying -Vocabulary extension -Crossword Puzzle -Reading and completing sentences. Workbook Stage 3: will help children become competent and fluent readers with the ability to automatically recognise and write the following 31 sounds: ch, sh, th, wh, ee, ea, ey, ar, er, ir, ur, oo (zoo), oo (cook), oa, ow (bow), ow (cow), ou, ay, ai, or, aw, au, a-e, o-e, i-e, igh, air, oy, oi, ie, y (cry).
The 48 pages of this workbook are based on a wide range of interesting activities which children will enjoy completing. The sounds have been placed in groups, which are introduced in a systematic order. This will allow the children to practise and revise each group of sounds before progressing to the next selection. Workbook Stage 3 is an economical resource that will provide an excellent means for the extension of the students' vocabulary, word-attack skills and comprehension.

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