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Write Now! - Grammar, Language and Editing Skills - Book 5 7194


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Studying grammar, punctuation and spelling does not have to be difficult or boring!

Studying grammar, punctuation and spelling does not have to be difficult or boring! The Write Now! series uses fun texts to teach the important elements of grammar, language and punctuation skills.

Topics include:
Cat Kiss - Nouns: type, gender, number, compound nouns, acronyms, capital letters, full stops, exclamation and question marks, plural nouns
Hideous Cousin - Pronouns: personal, possessive, number and gender, interjections, informal writing, visual writing techniques, ei, ie spelling rules
Reedrich World Records - Adjectives: positive, comparative, superlative and absolute, prefixes and suffixes, quotation marks
Sports Site - Verbs and tense, homonyms, writing numbers and bullet points
Sports Talk - Subject - verb agreement, jargon, hyphens and dashes, nouns to verbs
‘What’s up Skip?’ - Adverbs: manner, time and place, adjectives to adverbs, personification, synonyms, antonyms, colons and commas
Crime Time - Prepositions, phrases and SDBs, prime words, jargon and abbreviations
Movie Stuff - Conjunctions and clauses, 'ph' and 'gh' words, film jargon, referencing, writing accents
Movie Stuff Sequel - Nouns, adjectives, verbs, prepositions and articles, film writing style guide, abbreviations
Killer Plants - Verbs, verb - subject agreement, adverbs, contractions, plant words
Gross Worms! - Pronouns: personal, possessive, indefinite, interjections, formal language, personification and alliteration, double l
Pablo Faux Pas - Adjectives: degree, absolute, numerical, indefinite, similes and metaphors, forming adjectives, hyphens
Deadly Section - Verbs: main, complex, verb-subject agreement, euphemisms, clichés, oxymorons and malapropisms
Canteen Chaos - Verbs: infinitives, present and past participles, forming verbs, food words, quotation marks
Weird World - Tense: present and past continuous, articles, capital letters and commas, weird words
Word Bank - Borrowed words, neologisms, acronyms, abbreviations, verbs, nouns, adjectives, and adverbs, suffixes and prefixes
FYI - Netspeak and netiquette, SMS language, web addresses, net words
Total Recall Grammar Attack
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