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Wonder Wits Series


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Wonder Wits: Artrageous 3300
Wonder Wits: Boney Puzzle 3301
Wonder Wits: Game Plan 3302
Wonder Wits: Look Out! 3303
Wonder Wits: Gadget Hero 3304
Wonder Wits: What's Next? 3305
Wonder Wits: Wild Ideas 3306
Wonder Wits: Wonder Worlds 3307
Wonder Wits: Teaching Guide 3308

Quick Overview

The wonderful feature of this Wonder Wits series is the way that children can see how they too can be creative and inventive.

Problem solving, inventiveness, higher-order thinking skills: these are all skills that we would like to see more of in our students. But more often than not, children believe that these skills exist only in the realm of talented, highly skilled professionals. Wonder Wits will make them think otherwise.
The wonderful feature of this Wonder Wits series is the way that children can see how they too can be creative and inventive. In the easy-to-read format of a story, powerful thinking tools are described and used by our young protagonists. These tools are added to, in each story, so that by the end of the series, readers will have a fully-fledged creativity toolkit to use whenever the need arises.
Luke and Sophie are always wondering and stretching their wits to come up with new ideas and new ways to do things. When they start putting their heads together with other wild thinkers including artists, writers, inventors and scientists, they get involved in all kinds of adventures – and help to create some very cool stuff along the way. At the end of each story is a four-page section where kids can try out some of the many creative ideas in each book. These stories will get students thinking like a Wonder Wit.

Artrageous - Aunt Stella takes Sophie and Luke on an 'artrageous adventure' where the plan is to 'look, collect, draw..
Bony Puzzle - Sophie and Luke want to enter the 'Clever Creators' competition but are stuck for an idea...
Gadget Hero - Luke and Sophie are at the Gadget Fair looking for a suitable story for their school paper - a story
Game Plan - cosmic creatures are Luke and Sophie's favourite toy and they are excited to receive a letter from the toy's
Look Out!, Luke and Sophie are working on a new invention: the Boomerang Ball. They're not having much luck though,
What's Next? - Sophie and Luke are testing 'thinking caps' for the inventors at Future Industries when they're interrupted..
Wild Ideas - Luke and Sophie are taken by helicopter to a secret location to watch a great inventor at work. Deep in the forest
Wonder Worlds - Harvey Barker, creator of the highly successful Unveiler of Stray World series, has just announced he isn't

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