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Achieve! Science - Energy, Electricity and Movement 9041


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Quick Overview

Explores Physics concepts for the junior to middle secondary levels

Achieve! Energy, Electricity and Movement explores Physics concepts for the junior to middle secondary levels. However, the information is presented at a reading level of six to nine years, in a mature-look format.

The worksheets are grouped into topics to facilitate in-depth study of a subject, from a variety of approaches. Students will complete practical investigations and practice skills such as interpreting and labelling diagrams, recording results, completing tables, comparing data and drawing conclusions.


Energy resources
The thermometer
How was coal formed
Energy resources
Solar energy
How much current is there in a battery?
Forces and their effects
Balanced forces
Heating and cooling
A good insulator
Keeping your house warm
Magnets and electromagnets
Magnetic fields
Making a magnet

What is light?
How do we see?
What happens to reflected light?
Can light bend?
Why do things look coloured?
Sound and hearing
Can sound travel in empty space?
Sound pollution
Energy and electricity
Wasted energy
Calculating speed
What affects the speed of an object?
Pressure and moments
Forces can make things turn
About the series:

Each book in the Achieve! series has been designed and written for secondary students who have low-level literacy skills and require modified classroom activities to fully participate in the curriculum. Students will experience success as they work alongside their classmates in the same subjects with material that is tailored for their literacy needs.

Key features:
Mature-look page layout and illustrations
Topics that will interest teenagers
An emphasis on literacy skills
Clear learning objectives
Starter activities, background topic information and ideas for summarising a lesson

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